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Steel Fibre For Concrete Reinforcement

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Steel fiber types
The types of steel fibers are defined by ASTM A820:
Type I: cold-drawn wire
Type II; cut sheet
Type III: melt-extracted
Type IV: mill cut
Type V: modified cold-drawn wire
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SteelFibre for Concrete
It is our business to reinforce yours!

Do you want Fibre Reinforced Concrete?

Shwitcom steel fibre, widely applied as basic construction materials to Highway, Roads, Industrial Flooring, Tunnel Concrete and Lining, Dam construction, Pre-cast Concrete, etc., covering the types of steel fibres difined by ASTM A820: Type-I (cold drawn wire), Type-II (cut sheet), Type-V (modified cold drawn wire) etc.

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hooked endAdvantages
a) Enhance tensile strength
b) Increase ductility to concrete
c) Control cracks
d) Fatigue and impact resistance
e) Reduce material consumption

f) Less construction time
g) Longer service time

concrete fibreApplications
a) Industrial and commercial floor
b) Shotcreting in tunnels and mine
c) Precast concrete products
d) Bridges, Culverts and Hydrodynamic structures
e) Seismic resistance structures
f) Highways & Airport pavements


Most fibers today are added at the ready-mix plant. The most popular method is to use a confibres for concreteveyor to load them into the truck just after the concrete ingredients are loaded. If they are mixed into concrete on a jobsite, either conveyors or machines that can blow them into the mixer are used. Either way, mixing is easily accomplished.

Can you recycle steel fiber concrete?

“Not easily” is the answer most heard. Carter says anything above 50 pounds of fiber per yard of concrete has to be sawed and lifted out. “You won’t get it out with a jackhammer.” McPhee agrees, “If you forgot to run a waterline under a slab you have to saw the lines of the trench completely through the concrete and then cut the concrete into manageable sections that can be lifted out.”

No person interviewed for this article knew the best way to demolish a slab because they didn’t know of anyone who has done it. Even early applications of steel fiber reinforced concrete continue to perform well and that speaks well for the product.

concrete fibre

concrete fibre
hooked end fibre
steel fibre