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Polyproplene Fibre (PP fiber) For Concrete Reinforcement

Shwitcom polypropylene fibre includes

PPD (Polypropylene monofilament fibre)
PPS (Polypropylene strand fibre)
PPB (Synthetic macro fibre)
PPW (Polypropylene fibre mesh)
Description PPS PPD PPB

synthetic fibrePP Micro Fibre  & Marco Fibre
for concrete reinforcement

Fiber Reinforced Concrete is an embryonic construction material which can be described as a concrete having high mechanical strength, Stiffness and durability. By utilization of Polypropylene fibers in concrete not only optimum utilization of materials is achieved but also the cost reduction is achieved.


* Any concrete & mortar projects
* the water–proof layer, floor, inner & outer wall of industrial and civil construction.
* Increase cracking resistance on the surface of industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot.
* Increase cracking & seepage resistance of the ground in natatorium, swimming pool, pond and ditch.


* Even distribution

* Even reinforcement

* Increased strength & durability

* Cost saving

* Resist to shrink & crack

* Increase seepage resistance

* Increase friction resistance

* Prevent mortar split and crackle expansion

poly fibre

macro fibrepp fibre
micro fibrepolypropylene fibre
macro fibremacro fibre